Our Team

  • Eric Weatherly
    Eric Weatherly

    Over 10 years ago I began my career in fitness as a personal trainer because I understand and know how incredible it feels to set personal fitness goals and take the necessary steps to achieving those goals and beyond. If your mind can believe, the body can achieve.

    My fitness philosophy is about embracing the mindset that extends beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. My fitness philosophy is to encourage my clients to embrace a decision to change their personal health and wellness first and taking the necessary steps to making it happen. I train my clients with a whole body approach. What this translates to is designing a comprehensive workout plan that caters to my clients’ personal needs and capabilities. I’ve had the pleasure of designing and meeting fitness goals with clients whose goals have included weight loss, bodybuilding, sports training, injury and rehab, and diet management. I’m driven to help anyone who's willing to help themselves. I have a simple expectation of all my clients: If you never ever quit and always show up to perform; I will always be here to coach you through every workout.

    My fitness credentials include International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and TRX suspension certified single and group instructor, CPR Certified.

  • Jason Coontz
    Jason Coontz

    Hello, My name is Jason Coontz. I have been teaching fitness for five years. My journey to health and fitness began in my early twenties. I spent most of my high school years drinking and eating fast food. I didn’t play any sports in high school. Those bad habits followed me and grew into worse habits. They followed me to my first career on the oil rigs. Luckily for me I had a boss care enough to call me fat and challenge me to try CrossFit when we got off that night. Even though I knew he said it in a joking manner, my pride wanted to prove him wrong. Little did I know two years after his challenge I would leave the oil rigs to train others in CrossFit. A year after coaching I blew my left knee out and needed surgery. Blowing my knee out lead me to wanting to fix the core problem and find out why I got injured in the first place. I spent time learning about the human body. Learning that foot strength will determine ankle, knee, and hip alignment. Wearing certain shoes can effect foot strength greatly. I then started to coach functional fitness, high intensity body building, and those in pain with movement problems. My life revolves around any kind of fitness. I enjoy being outside most hiking, camping, rock climbing, exploring, ext. I enjoy helping people find the joy in fitness. So they can stop seeing it as a chore but something they get to do and can enjoy it. Much love and respect!

    Personal Trainer
    Personal Trainer

    I have lived an active lifestyle as well as been involved in many sports my entire life courtesy of my dad, competitive siblings and relatives. Fitness is the corner stone through which I live my day minute by minute. Most days I’d prefer to ride my bike to work rather than to drive my car because I choose to look at the fitness benefits it has with my personal health and wellness!
    5 years ago when I decided to pursue my career in fitness I had a hunger to help anyone who was and is struggling with his or her personal fitness goals and dreams. With that said my clients, who are willing to leave everything on the floor or at least allow me to take everything they brought, constantly surprises me with the fitness goals that we accomplish together.

    My goal when training my clients isn’t to use one fitness regimen from client to client. My goals are to listen to your individual fitness goals first. Next I will Asses your personal strengths and then design a fitness regimen and plan custom to your specific fitness and goals. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy the process of working with my clients as they achieve new levels of fitness whether its flexibility, strength, power, menu design, muscular or cardiovascular endurance. I believe that our time together is a team achievement however we arrive to your new fitter life!

    I look forward to working with you in the near future!

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    We all want to be healthy. We all Want to feel athletic. We all have the ability to achieve it. My mission is to help you reach your goal and bring out your inner athlete.

  • Corey Alvey
    Corey Alvey
    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
    Group Training Instructor
    Specializing in weight loss and muscle gain through carb cycling, intermittent fasting and bodybuilding-style training.